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The Academy

As a part of our 2020 Vision, iSanctuary has recently launched The Academy in Mumbai!

The Academy is a groundbreaking, comprehensive personal development program that addresses the many varying needs of trafficking survivors around the world. The Academy provides every young woman in our program with opportunities to dream of a sustainable future by setting educational and personal development goals in four core areas, while earning an income that supports growth in line with their commitment. 

How is The Academy different than iSanctuary’s current programming?

Since the inception, iSanctuary has worked to meet core needs of the young women in Mumbai and Orange County. As the organization grows, we strive to deepen and expand our impact by taking the next step in creating a structured, goal-driven programming that will provide the young women with dynamic opportunities as they heal and learn in the safe environment of the Sanctuary. 

The four core areas of The Academy are educationincomehealth, and community. Our goals for the program include:



By recognizing each woman’s potential alongside her current limitations, we provide academic instruction and learning support that not only prepares her to reach educational milestones, but also encourages her to think critically, problem solve, and cultivate proactive self- development practices.


In order to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation, we utilize supportive employment and artisan training to develop generalizable, sustainable professional skills. We are encouraging each individual to broaden her scope of possibilities, discover and develop her personal vocational interests and skills, take charge of her finances, and plan for the future.


For a woman to be self-directed and independent, she must be empowered to make well- informed decisions about her own body, know her own mind and hear her spirit.  We aim to ensure the highest quality of life for each of our participants by equipping her with scientific knowledge, tools to care for herself emotionally and spiritually so she can form healthy relationships and have the confidence to act preventatively for herself and others.


Create a trauma-informed place of work and learning that serves as a microcosm and ideal model of the larger community and a pathway to reintegration.  By cultivating a structured safe space in which each person is held accountable while still provided with consistent support and encouragement, we will provide a testing ground for young women to explore personal identities, interests and skills, reconfigure relationships to self and others, and prepare for productive, fulfilling adulthoods.


In order to successfully launch The Academy, we brought on Alyson Holsclaw as Program Development Specialist. Alyson has developed the three year curriculum which is the foundation of The Academy. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, and has served for over nine years in the social sector in New York, San Francisco, and Mumbai, India. She has worked with marginalized communities in a variety of contexts including education, HIV research and prevention, and mental health services in organizations ranging from major universities to grassroots clinics. Alyson is a great addition to the iSanctuary team with her professional passion and focus on gender equality, women’s health, and trauma recovery. 


Partner with us to launch The Academy as we strive to develop stronger, wiser women. Give a gift today to help launch The Academy!